I Have a Webcomic Now!

September 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

2013-06-17-Video-GamesHey guys! It turns out that people are still coming to this blog—who knew? I did not. Probably most of you end up here after googling “tampon,” but just in case you were also looking for stuff related to me or drawings, head over to www.saybrennana.com. Bookmark it I guess? Or subscribe somehow?

You will be able to see things like this! And long ones like this! I post a new one every Monday. Hopefully someday I’ll figure out how to migrate this ol’ blog over there but for now it’s just pictures. Enjoy!


She Said She Said

March 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

I know it’s been a while, but rather than bore you with the details of my super exciting and busy life, I’d like to let you know that I’m going to be taking part in an art show organized by the wonderful Maggie Yokley called She Said She Said.

She Said She Said flyer

Check check check it out

Come on down on Saturday night for snacks and drinks and art made by some really amazing ladies, coming from far away lands like North Carolina and Baltimore. I think there are TEN OF US, wow. It’s going to be really really fun.

I’m working on some last minute stuff (freelance projects kept me pretty busy this winter so I didn’t get quite as much done as I wanted to in advance, but could anyone have imagined it going any other way? No) so you guys get a sneak peak of my process. Wow!

Remember this thing? I’m making more things like it.

Water color landscape

Mt. Unebi as seen from the second floor of Taisei Junior High

So, yeah, more things like this. At this very moment I’m working on a painting of the thin, weird, winter woods around where I live.

A water color picture of four trees, birds, and squirrels

Step 1: Paint a watercolor

Exacto knife and half-cut out water color

Step 2: Cut out all the negative space

Second drawing of four trees, a fox, and two birds

Step 3: Make another layer

The two drawings layered on top of eachother.

It’ll look something like this but obviously way cooler.

So I’m working on building frames to display these things in a more 3D way than I did before. Wish me luck!


Here are some pictures from the show. You can click on them to see them big:

3D Japanese Landscape

Remember this guy?

The view from the 3rd floor 相談室 at Taisei Junior High School. Thanks Nick and Ben for making the frame!

3D Virginian Forest

Shadow Boxer

My 3D Virginian forest.

Fox detail

Hey little fox guy.

You pretty much can’t drive anywhere around here after 10 pm without seeing a fox. They are so bold and sassy!

Cardinal detail

Hey little cardinal buddy

Cardinals are kind of bullies to all the little cute birds, but they walk around with such hilarious self-importance that they are still pretty cute.

Apartment drawing

Breakfast time

Thanks everybody who came and thanks Maggie for putting the whole thing together! Let’s do it again real soon.

I Am About to Make Your Life So Much Better, Part III

June 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

Ok, one more time with feeling. Welcome to the last installment of The Lifestyle Issue,

Part III: What To Wear


George Costanza

Jorts Costanza

Everyone! Find your least favorite jeans and cut the shit out of them!

My love affair with jean shorts started during the summer after my Junior year of high school, which I spent driving around Rt 1 in a 1984 Toyota Camry with no air conditioning. The heat of a treeless highway, paired with my collection of ripped-to-shit jeans, inspired my first pair of very short cut-offs (referred to as “Daisy Dukes” by people who are old enough to know who Daisy Duke is, or who are young but have watched enough VH1 to have learned from I Love The 70s). There is nothing like driving by firework stands wearing almost nothing (not in a sexy way, in like a gross sweaty trash way) and listening, alternately, to Joy Division and Le Tigre. It was obviously an awesome summer.

I eventually outgrew this look, but like many features of my life in 2002 (part-time jobs, living with my mom), jeans shorts may be making a comeback. A quiet desire for jorts has been percolating in the back of my mind since Kill Bill Vol. 2 came out. I covet these so hard:

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill Vol. 2

Five Point Palm Exploding Denim

Ugh, this outfit is so awesome I pretty much want to die. And then buy some blue canvas shoes. And then learn how to punch through a board and fight David Carradine (aaah too soon!). I think in college around this time my friend YiRan, whose closet I want to raid and dinner I want to eat, used to wear some short jeans like this (correct me if I’m wrong) and it is why I decided she is the coolest person I know. So basically I waited 9 years and then did this:

A new pair of cut-offs

The product of 9 years of thinking about jeans

Ok so we all agree that these are awesome? No? Well ok my shins probably have to be about 2 inches longer to pull this off, but you know, have fun with it. Throw out your shampoo, eat a doughnut, and take a pair of rusty sheers to your ugliest jeans.

Pair Your New Awesome Cut-Offs With:

This excellent Scrabble shirt made by my friend Lindsay! She will trade it for money WOW!

Scrabble Shirt

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

These endearing little felt skull earrings that my friend and jorts-connoisseur Maggie made!

Dinosaur Holding Skull Earrings

Raaaawr I'm Holding Your Earrings For Youuuuuuu

Can you believe how productive these girls are? It took me two presidential terms to make myself one pair of god damn shorts. Well I’m turning it around. This summer, I’m gonna write a book from start to finish. In that order.

P.S. Behind the scenes fact: the most fun part about Photshopping jorts onto George was digitally removing his underwear.

High-Fiving A Million Angels

June 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Sometimes the internet is a whirling cesspool of grossness and sometimes it’s an overwhelming mess of information. But then sometimes the internet is a place for cool people to be nice and talk each other up and give each other long distance high-fives. Now is one of those times, you guys. And the best part is it involved a lot or real-world friendliness.

You might remember that a while back I took part in Art House Co-Op’s 2011 Sketchbook Project. Image from the sketchbook I made for the sketchbook projectThe tour is almost over, so you are now allowed to look at the (less exciting) digital version here if you absolutely can’t make it out to Chicago or Florida or Brooklyn to see the real thing. Anyway, the tour was in San Francisco a little while ago and my lovely friend Nina with whom I recently traveled the Pacific Coast Highway (oh my gosh, have I told you about the Madonna Inn? I’m going to have to, wow) was kind enough to stop in and check it out.

Me and my friend Mitsuko at the Sketchbook Project tour

Me and my pal Mitsu looking at sketchbooks

So basically, when you go to see the Sketchbook Project show, you walk into a (probably crowded) art space, make a free library card, and then wait in line to check out two books, which you can do as many times as you want, although I only had time to do it twice.

I’m guessing this system probably helps preserve the sketchbooks, maintain organization, and allows Art House Co-Op to send the artist an email whenever their book is viewed. Which is nice. But it also limits the number of people who see your book if you’re an artist/the number of books you see if you’re visiting the show. I kind of wish I could have browsed the shelves, picking up books that appealed to me and maybe putting them back when I found them to be ugly, uninteresting, or half-filled (I’m sorry, I know that sounds mean, but some things just don’t tickle one’s fancy and/or were obviously completed in a night of hasty scribbling). Now I understand the urge to adhere to a strict organizational code, Art House Co-Op, I really do. In fact, I understand doing it to the point where it ruins everything for everyone, because that is something I would do. But maybe the benefits would outweigh the harm if you actually ran the sketchbook library like a real library? Don’t get me wrong, it was still a great experience, I just wish I could have looked at more books.

Sorry to indulge in pettiness but I’ve been a little sad that I’ve sent my little creation far far away only to have it waste away in obscurity. (Too much? Ok, yeah, you’re right. I’m done whining about a show that was actually really fun.)

The back inside cover of my sketchbook

The back inside cover

That’s why I was so pleased when Nina told me that she made cool friends when she went to see the tour. Nina met Thu, Mon, and Chan, when they wanted to take a look at my sketchbook (ooh! awesome!). Nina is one of those people who can talk to anyone and will make friends with strangers on a bus. So cool! She encouraged these lovely ladies, who have some really fun blogs which you should read right now, to take some of the cards that I put in the back of the book. Thanks Nina!

And thanks Thu, Mon, and Chan for writing such nice things and taking such pretty pictures. Thanks, Chan, for photographing the brick wall flip-book part so well, I really couldn’t figure out how to do a good job with that. Also, awesome blog title pun. Mon’s book is really wonderful, too, and I will definitely be checking it out next time I’m in Brooklyn (YOU SHOULD TOO). And thanks Thu for posting about the projects AND having such excellent taste in music.

Internet friends! Community! I feel like this:

Slept Through Spring, It Is Now Awe-Summer

June 19, 2011 § 5 Comments

You guys remember this, right?

Green trees in October

The yard in October

Naked trees in November

The Yard in November

Well, anyway, it turns out time continues to move forward. Seasons, I know, right?

The Yard in April

Sticky Green Leaves

But then, things got out of control. Keep your pants on, plants of Virginia!

Summer Greenery

Shit gets overgrown here real fast

Flowers sprang up everywhere. Our car turned green from the pollen. Weaklings with allergies were all “waaa my eyes are watering because my immune system is too intense.”*

ButtercupsBasically Virginia is the prettiest place in the world. I’m sorry, I know this will be a blow to Paris and all you other places that seem to think you are fancy. If you don’t believe me I invite you to come to a pancake picnic on my lawn.

OH and there is a funny, inverse relationship between the amount of leaves on the trees and the amount of fur on my cat.

My fluffy cat in April

Grusha in early April

My fluffy cat, shaved

Grusha in May

Yeah, we took a razor to the cat. But not to be cruel! All that fur interferes with her rolling around in dirt. (Oh, and I know, this situation is rife with possibility for jokes, but I really can’t think of any clever ones. Have a ball in the comments if you can think of anything more clever than it is gross.)

Grusha rolling around in pollen

You can see her wrinkly, saggy skin so much better now!

Ok you know what? If you don’t want to look at like a million pictures of my cat you should really just close this tab or something. I’m sorry guys, I just realized that I only want to look at and think about my cat. So, bye!

Oh thank god, all those assholes are gone. Don’t you hate them? I hate them. Here are your cat pictures:

Grusha and I <3 Rachel Maddow

Eeeeee I have to wrap her in blankets because she gets cold eeee!

Ok maybe she looks creepy. Shut it down!

And don’t worry, her fur grows back really fast. She already looks like a shaggy Muppet version of herself. Happy summer you guys!


*Oh my god I am just kidding, allergies are totally real and awful and I’m sorry!! Please do not strike me with seasonal allergies!


June 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

Safeway Generic Tampon

What’s this? It looks like someone got my letter!

I demanded and Safeway conceded. The power of the internet is real, people.

They have replaced the phrase “Posi-Lock Punch” with the aspirational and vague “absorbency.” They have also changed the decorative designs from what looked like a lower case f to pretty little flowers, the agreed-upon stand in for lady parts.

” width=”480″ height=”360″ />

You’re welcome, everybody.

Things I Did Today Instead of My Taxes

April 11, 2011 § 4 Comments

1. Ate an egg salad sandwich

2. Completed Thursday’s New York Times crossword puzzle (look, sometimes it takes me a few days, stop judging me)

3. Fed my dog some walnuts

4. Went to see the new Jane Eyre—Michael Fassbender, you and your expressive eyebrows had me at “I don’t much care for children.”

5. Gave my cat thyroid medicine

6. Experimented with new soap and something called “shower oil” (it was ok)


Sleeping Cat

We are really busy today